From 14.09.2017 to 16.09.2017

Technological change and employment dynamics at the firm and industry level

14th European Network on the Economics of the Firm (ENEF) meeting

The 14th ENEF meeting will be held in Pisa at the Institute of Economics, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies on September 14-15, 2017.

The theme of this year’s meeting reflects core themes of ENEF and the long standing tradition of research on evolutionary economics, industrial dynamics and economics of innovation of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies. The interplay between technological change, firm behaviour and industry dynamics has long been investigated in both theoretical and empirical literature. Recently, increasing interest in the factors that may create or destroy jobs has stimulated important debates about the ways in which different forms of innovation and technological change can affect employment dynamics at the firm and industry level. In this line of investigation, a number of issues and concepts are crucial to understand the complex relationship between technology and employment, including the role of trade, industry characteristics, firm capabilities, institutional frameworks and policy interventions. 

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From 14.09.2017 To 16.09.2017

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